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This Raksha Bandhan Tie a Rakhi to Yourself with Financial Planning

Bhaiyya mere rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana…

Once a year​ comes the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan… A celebration of the enchanting relationship of a brother and sister! Those sweet banters, fighting over the same toys, revealing each other secrets in spite, then again, letting your bhaiyya in, through the backdoor at midnight or beating a guy for making your sister cry. A special bond that surely is forever. But times have changed and brothers will be there, but why not take care of your financial planning yourself?

Then again, we have come a long way, girls, to do that on our own! No doubt our brothers will always be there to support and protect when needed, but girls, what about your financial protection?

This Raksha Bandhan, since its also an Independence Day tie a rakhi to yourself and take a step for your financial ‘freedom’.

Willing to invest: A Financial ‘Bandhan’ that sets you free

Today’s woman is taking good care of herself. She’s confident, independent, and ambitious. But most lack adequate knowledge of financial planning & investing. Earning well does not automatically take care of financial future, for that one needs a proper plan & its dedicated implementation. This Independence Day, we applaud women’s courage and ability and wish to help them set free from financial worries with trusted Nippon India​ Mutual Fund, which can play a pivotal role in ensuring successful financial freedom.

Do your financial ‘Raksha’ in 4 easy steps

  • Start with classifying your financial goals
    Everyone has dreams and responsibilities in life. Right financial planning can very well provide the funds to fulfill your dreams and carry out responsibilities without any strain. What do you want to invest for - travel, grow your business, child’s education, or comfortable retired life?
    Further classify your financial goals as short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals; and start investing early into mutual funds.
  • Consider your life stage and living expenses
    Your earnings and expenses depend on what phase of life you are in. Are you:
    • Career starter
    • Single and happy with no marriage plans
    • Just married
    • Married with kids
    • Single mother
    • Retiring soon

    With your monthly earnings and expenses, you also need to take into account the current loans and funds kept aside for an emergency.
  • Ensure adequate investment amount and tenure
    Acknowledge how much money you can invest in mutual funds scheme to meet your financial goals. One of the perks of investing into mutual fund schemes is you can start from as low as Rs. 100 per month. Start early and invest longer and see the magic of compounding with better returns.
  • Start SIP for your every financial goal
    SIP is the best way to take that flight to your financial independence, ladies! Through SIP, you invest a certain amount every month to meet your goals. This is a great way to nurture a savings habit and discipline. What better occasion to ensure your financial freedom than Independence Day itself!

SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan, wherein you can regularly invest a fixed amount at periodical intervals of time in a Mutual Fund scheme

You can always count on your brothers no matter what. However, your financial protection is your responsibility, and meticulous financial planning is a key to a secured, successful and happy life, one you can do very well on your own, one that will only make you stronger and free from the risks of debts and emergency fund crisis in the future. Start investing today, invest right and be truly independent.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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